Calloway Circus

by Casa das Feras

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    200 copies edition of Calloway Circus with illustrations of Berni Puig. Contains a poster and a ghost track not available on digital version.

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released February 18, 2016

Casa das Feras are Ana Biermann and David Malatesta.
Adrià Mulet's beard still lies on percussion and drums.
Marc Borras knows what body percussion and congas are about.
Jordi Funes at magic and saw.

Produced by Jordi Funes. Mastered by Xavi Lizarraga.
Illustration by Berni Puig. Design by Johnny Loved.
All songs written by David Malatesta except Rain Dogs (Tom Waits).
Recorded in Cap Record (Barcelona) in May two thousand and fifteen.




Casa das Feras Barcelona, Spain

No ir a caballo ni beber en cantinas mexicanas ensucia nuestras mentes y perjudica el buen hacer. Casa das Feras lo asume y sobrelleva siguiendo un estricto manual de supervivencia: llevar petaca, usar el corazón y seguir tocando cuando les cortan la luz. ... more


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Track Name: Seashore Bang
Mustard loves to think while smoking cigars
Walking stick, top hat and a big moustache.

He gets close to your arms and he tells you his plan:
Get dressed like Sir Francis Drake
and get inside the boat that leads you to Seashore Bang.

Mustard has a card hidden up his sleeve
He knows how to talk with a purple finch.

He will smooth out a buck and he'll draw on the map
Something is shining around his shape
When he talks about the sunken treasure in Seashore Bang.

Dancing samba with the mambas and drive a submarine
Get your head outside the teepee and count the lightning carapaces
You don't need a thing to start living like a king.
So tell me if you're coming inside the boat that leads you to Seashore Bang.
Track Name: The Mule
Anything to declare, Sir? Just the best of my flare.
The stamp bangs in the middle my card
End of the journey, I’m gonna land.

I have to hold my breath in the magnetic field
I got 29 pellets inside to get out.

You know I fill my breast with what you love the best
I could be a Baptist preacher or the sweetest Señorita.
Beneath the second seat there’s something to believe
Got never ending VIP’s and people wait for me.

To the eyes of the Son and the Holly Ghost
I’m delightfully elusive and I blow up when the show begins Let the artists play when the stage is set.
Track Name: Rum Diaries
Thinking about all the books that I will never ever read
I can hear a voice that’s about to stumble.

Big bad wolf come to me, I know you’ve got things to give
And tonight I’ll give up if you shape your fangs.

Three thousand wrecks in a glass are enough to know the tips,
how to live, how to breath, under the sea.

And the house is on fire and my lips are getting dryer
And everyone is out of danger now but me.
You were never ever supposed to leave.

What do you bet? What do I get? If you want a fair play,
You better leave outside the dead man’s chest and the bottle of rum.
Blow you up and farewell now.
Track Name: The Lighthouse
There's a tale in the Spanish coast where there's no place for ghosts.
Toothless men know how to lay siege to the sailor's north.

Before shining up their swords, break into the things you got
Away boy, from the lighthouse.

Up the anchor! Hoist the sails! Straight to the poisoned ray.
The squad moves quickly through the sand. Now where's your umbrella, Cinderella?

Jumping from the diving board, losing everything you got.
Away boy, from the lighthouse.

Oh, they're drooling, Oh, unfastening their belts.

Cut the rope that ties your wrists wait for a chance and run back to the sea.

There’s a cricket in the bin and far away the Lighthouse.
Track Name: Rain Dogs (Tom Waits)
Inside a broken clock, splashing the wine with all the Rain Dogs.
Taxi, we'd rather walk, huddle a doorway with the Rain Dogs.
For I am a Rain Dog too.

Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
For it was all ripefor dreaming.
Oh, how we danced away all of the lights
We've always been out of our minds.

The Rum pours strong and thin,
beat out the dustman with the Rain Dogs.
Aboard a shipwreck train, give my umbrella to the Rain Dogs.
For I am a Rain Dog too.

Oh, how we danced with the Rose of Tralee,
Her long hair black as a raven.
Oh, how we danced and you whispered to me,
You'll never be going back home.
Track Name: Shoddy King
Hear the marching drums while the lizards run.
Your head is on a shell, again.
A Chinese goat blows smoke straight into your face
And everyone is asking about the place you hide the ruby's heart.

You got a bad sleep smell and other pains that I can't tell,
yell's been rising, dust's been spreading through your endless throat.
You might be bigger but we are brave enough.

Shoddy king that's right, when the cat's away the mice will play,
Our beat will shake your throne, your shoes aren't safe no more.

You got a gold teeth smell and other pains that I can't tell,
your breath's disgusting, your ego is trying to overcome that.
When a lightning soaks into your neck,
you're gonna break like everybody else.

Shoddy king that's right, when the cat's away the mice will play,
Our beat will shake your throne, your shoes aren't safe no more.
Your shoes won’t last this song.

The show is over, back to nowhere, end is closer
and we’re brave enough.
Track Name: Wonderland
Move a little speck back from the line,
Find the last sign in the crowd and break on through the mirror.

Use a mulberry leaf to glide,
You can drink from everyone’s glass but the whistleblower’s.

Take a chance to get sloppy underneath the shadow of a willow tree
Strike all the ‘tick tock’s down from "the last one in the house is a rotten egg".

Going sledding sure will make your day
But it’s not easy to bear up when your hands are frozen.

I get higher , I'm leaving it all below my feet
I fill the parachute with grief and I burn it all.
Fasten up your seatbelt, child.

Enjoy the fireworks.
Track Name: Red Spots
No one left around and we’re about to get out
I’m pulling the strings while she runs the machine.

You won’t hear a tale about a princess and frogs
Our childhood is gone but our love is still raw.

We don’t fear the beast, we don’t care about red spots
Future’s uncertain but she is not.

You’re staring at us and your fingers are crossed
How does it feel over there? Is it cold?

I don’t need a place, I don’t need to get old
I don’t need to hear about her secrets
Things are falling apart behind my back , as I run.
Track Name: Houdini's Tango
I'm diving miles inside a box trapped in a maze of silver locks,
a rusty pulley and a rope will kindly disclose my joke.

I have a key underneath my tongue, I have a purse all filled with words.
I know the code, I know the dose, I know the question and the answer .

Bring water to the nightmares of those who are begging for a swig.
Want to be deathless? I sign your sentence to manage well your wars.

That's how it goes there's a bucket and a hole,
Close your eyes make your wish before I turn every dime into steam.

That's what it takes just a glimpse around your faith.
Is this a roach or is a beetle? See the shadows on the mirror?
There's none! They're gone!
No refunds without a proof.

From your pocket to my roof.